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A Beginners Guide to relaxing with wind chimes


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I must confess, when I was in high school I never wore make-up and didn't know where to start. So when I started to experiment I began using those foundations and crazy shades of eye shadows that looked wonderful in the store and turned out to be dead wrong on my face.

Over time, I was able to come to a simple solution…"a natural look". It's been often said but remains absolutely true to this day - the most important thing about beauty is to feel comfortable with the face you wake up with everyday. Sit sit, listen to the wind chimes, and when you look in the mirror it's not about trying to point out what's wrong, but focusing on what's right!

Grooming yourself consistently and thoroughly is the best bet, this way you don't ever have to worry about anyone catching you without your "face" on. And so my essential word of advice is - before you put anything on, make sure that your face is clean and moisturized.